Active for life campaign funding application


VCS Funding – “Active for life” campaign


Guidance Notes


The “Active for life” campaign aims to encourage Camden’s inactive residents aged 60+ to become and remain physically active in the long term. This fund invites VCS orgs to work in collaboration with us to increase the reach and impact of the campaign.

There is clear and compelling evidence that being regularly active in later life will promote an individual’s independence, wellbeing, health and quality of life. Yet adults aged over 60 years old can be encouraged to “put their feet up” as they age, societal stereotypes reinforce inactive living in later life, and people may be missing the hook to enable them to enjoy the local activity that works best for them. Since the COVID pandemic we are seeing more adults aged over 60 becoming deconditioned.

We have drawn on evidence from behavioural science and successful practice in other areas to develop the “Active for Life” campaign with Camden residents. With so many existing physical activities and initiatives in the borough already, we want to reach as many adults aged over 60 as we can to connect them to what is on offer and consider what else we can be doing to promote physical activity together in future.


Your help as a VCS organisation(s) with strong connections to adults aged over 60 years old will help progress this campaign further and in new ways. It was so helpful to run our VCS campaign briefing event in July 2023, the feedback we have received so far suggests that the Active for Life campaign is coming at the right time and proceeding in the right way. 

The campaign is scheduled to begin in March 2024.

There is a total of £30,000 available.

Applications from individual organisations are unlikely to be awarded more than £10,000. We suggest you keep this in mind for your application and pitch your proposal anywhere up to this mark. But if you have some great ideas that could make all the difference, please let us know separately what could be achieved with additional funding above £10k (specifying how much you would need).

We are particularly interested in receiving applications from pairs or groups of VCS partners who wish to work together on this campaign. We are seeking individual or partnership applications that between them provide a geographic coverage across the borough and help to reach those generally less likely to engage with physical activity campaigns/initiatives on their own initiative. 

About the Fund: Aims and Objectives of the Fund

The aim of this fund is to boost initiatives that support the overall aims of the “active for life Campaign. “Active for life” aims to encourage Camden’s inactive residents aged 60+ to become and remain physically active in the long term.

The Health and Wellbeing & Sport & Physical activity teams will lead the campaign preparing behaviourally informed materials and tools that will support residents and VCS partners. These include incentives, bespoke website, online & paper-based registration options, booklet for participants (embedding behaviour change techniques), newsletters and social media posts.

We invite submissions that contain community outreach proposals to reach residents aged 60+ to promote the offer and help them find a suitable physical activity opportunity. There is a focus on funding organisations and partnerships that are proactive in reaching people who may not be sufficiently active.

It is expected the funding will cover the following activity and time frames: 

Support strategic planning & evaluation of the campaign

  • Working group meetings - Oct 2023 - Mar 2024
  • Create delivery plan - Jan - Mar 2024
  • Evaluation - Jul - 2024

Engage with residents aged 60+ to encourage and support their participation in the campaign.

  • Campaign work - Mar - June 2024 (12 weeks)


Network with a wide range of local physical activity providers and opportunities in order to be able to signpost effectively.


Your Proposals

We are looking to fund proposals that support the campaign in the following areas:

Physical activity – signposting inactive residents aged 60+ to physical activities and opportunities that are accessible and interesting to them. These may range from promoting walking for travel or in our green spaces to sports or community & leisure centre-based activities provided by successful applicants, or providers across the borough. A good understanding of the broad physical activity offer in Camden would be useful in this work – we have a good picture of this but appreciate this is extensive and owned by many organisations.

Coordination & Collaboration – bringing together VCS organisations and a wide range of physical activity providers to maximise the impact of the campaign.


Outreachengaging inactive residents aged 60+ is key. We are keen to hear of proactive approaches to reach inactive residents aged 60+ including those who may be isolated and lonely. 


Communication – amplifying the messages and using the communication assets provided to maximise reach and impact. A detailed communication plan and supporting resources will be produced centrally.

What we will fund

Grants awarded through this programme are restricted to the provision of connecting services and activities that support the ‘Active for life’ campaign.

Proposals should have a clear focus on being proactive in reaching inactive residents aged 60+ and supporting them to engage in suitable physical activity options.


Examples of the proposals which will be eligible are set out below, but this list is not exhaustive. We are very open to your creativity:



Support residents to sign up to the campaign, collect campaign materials and start conversations about finding suitable physical activity opportunities.


Coordinate & host drop in social events (that include other local providers) to share the broadest possible offer.


Coordinate & host taster sessions and physical activity events; on site, outside, directly delivered or by other local providers.


Engage with residents once signed up to support adherence to their physical activity choices.


Amplify the communication assets in the partner Toolkit. Using a variety of channels to maximise their impact.


Organisations can apply as individuals or as a partnership. Every organisation involved in the application will need to be a not-for-profit organisation, in one of the following groups:

  • Registered Charity
  • Community Group
  • Co-operative
  • Faith Group
  • Social Enterprise (that reinvests 100% of surplus income into the organisation and that does not have a ‘profit distribution’ clause in its governing documents) 
  • Community Interest Company


Every activity listed in the proposal will need to be run by an organisation that has the following documents in place:


  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Employers Liability Insurance
  • Safeguarding Policy
  • Data Protection Policy
  • Equal Opportunities Policy


Every organisation listed in the application form that employs staff or contractors should pay the London Living Wage as a minimum.

Application Process

To apply to the “Active for life” VCS fund you should complete this application. Applications will be accepted from Tuesday 19th September until 23.59pm Monday16th October 2023.

Enquiries about the campaign, funding application and process should be directed to

Decision Making Process

Your application will be reviewed, if we need to clarify anything we may contact you to discuss your proposal.

After reviewing your proposal, recommendations for funding will be submitted for final decision to the Director of Recreation and the Assistant director of Public Health.

We aim to inform you of the outcome of your application by the end of October 2023 at the latest.